A New Home for Your iPad with iPort Charge Case & Stand

Charge Case & Stand – an iPort brand now available at Home Controls – is an amazing way to use your iPad while it charges and keep it protected on the go.  It also provides a great home automation station for your entire family.

Home Controls offers several versions to fit different iPad models.

Charge Case and Stand: your iPad’s Sidekick.

The system includes two main parts: The Charge Stand and the Cover Case.

  • Plug the Charge Stand in a central location in your home, where everyone can access it. The stand adjusts to 3 different mounting angles, plus it accepts and charges your iPad in a Charge Case in either portrait or landscape orientations. Drop your Charge Case onto a Charge Stand as magnets auto-align the case for charging and secure mounting.
  • The Charge Case contains magnets to accept the cover seamlessly, creating a full cocoon around your iPad.  There’s no need to take the Smart Cover off ever because your Charge Case with an Apple Smart Cover attached will fit elegantly onto a Charge Stand. The Charge Case even has a removable lightning module, giving you access to your iPad’s lightning port for charging with a cable on the go.

Each version includes both the Charge Stand and the Cover Case. You can also purchase additional iPort Charge Stands to place in several locations throughout your home.

Leviton Introduces Their Most Powerful USB Charging Outlet

Leviton Combination Duplex Receptacle & USB Charger, 15AThe Leviton USB Charger/Tamper-Resistant Receptacles are combination devices that have two USB Ports and two 15 Amp or 20 Amp Tamper-Resistant Receptacles. These devices are designed for maximum charging efficiency and have the ability to charge up to two USB powered electronic devices at once, leaving the outlet(s) free for additional power needs.

You can plug USB charging cables directly into a power outlet when you install the Leviton Combination Duplex Receptacle and USB Charger (15A). Designed to replace existing duplex power outlets, this hybrid receptacle and USB charger is simple to install and perfect for any outlet location in your home.

  • Outlets support 15A plug-in devices
  • USB ports deliver 3.6A of charging power
  • Smart chip optimizes USB charging
  • Compatible with USB 2.0 devices

See It Here: www.homecontrols.com/Leviton-Combination-Duplex-Receptacle-and-USB-Charger-15A-LVT5632x

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Weekend Warrior: Install a Charging Station for your Smart Devices

Weekend WarriorEveryone has at least one – if not more – smart devices. Androids, iPhone, iPads, Tablets, gaming devices, etc. All these handy little gadgets require power. Constantly. This featured Weekend Warrior project will allow you to charge all your smart devices easier and with less clutter in your home. Installing Leviton’s USB Charger/Tamper-Resistant Receptacle is just as easy as changing out any wall socket.

Choose from white or light almond: www.homecontrols.com/Leviton-USB-Charger-Receptacle-LVT5630x

Perfect for Residential and Light Commercial Applications:

  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Home Offices
  • Hotels
  • Airports
  • Office Cubicles
  • College Dorm Rooms

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Virtual Keypad Controls Your Napco Security System On The Go

If you have a Napco Security Gemini – and a lot of homes have this very popular system – then you might want to consider adding the Gemini Remote Virtual Keypad for easy online system control on the go.

The Napco Gemini Virtual Keypad (iRemote Module) allows you to access a Napco Gemini control panel over the Internet, providing remote control of your security system anywhere you have access to the web. The keypad module simply connects to the control panel’s keypad bus and is programmed as a regular keypad. Once connected, the module provides a fully-functional online mirror-image of the actual model. By providing an identical interface, the virtual keypad is effortless to use.

Napco Gemini Remote Virtual Keypad

See more details here: www.homecontrols.com/Napco-Gemini-iRemote-Virtual-Keypad-NPIREMOTEMOD12

  • Provides 24/7 online remote control for any Gemini control panel
  • Supports all Gemini model panels and keypads
  • Exactly mirrors keypad on premises
  • Includes one year access to a customizable web interface

The Virtual Keypad includes 12 months of subscriber access to a customizable web interface at myremotekeypad.com. It also supports programmable alarm reporting via Internet to central stations that support NetLink. The keypad is compatible with NAPCO Gemini panels GEMP816, 1632, 1664, 3200, 9600, and X255; Gemini Commercial.

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View Your Home Security Cameras On Your iPhone Or Android

Speco Player AppAre you looking for a way to access your home surveillance system from your iPhone or Android? Speco Technology has the answer for you!

First, connect your home’s security cameras to a Speco DVR and then download the free Speco Player app to your smart device. Presto! You are connected anywhere you go.

The Speco Player App is designed to work with the RS, WRS, WRSP and HD DVR models. If you don’t have one of these already, then we suggest the RS series; it is ideal for most residential surveillance systems and is priced just right.

Here are the parts you need:

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New iPhone App for HAI’s Hi-Fi 2 Audio System!

HAI by Leviton has developed a stand-alone app for controlling the Hi-Fi 2 4×4 distributed audio system from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Compatible distributed audio systems include the Hi-Fi 2 4×4 (Four Zone, Four Source) and the Hi-Fi 2 8×8 (Eight Zone, Eight Source, expandable to 16 Zone, 8 Source). The app replicates the familiar Volume Source Control, the Hi-Fi 2’s in-wall control, and uses the same multi-push functionality for advanced audio settings. Read more »

MyOptex: Security Sensor Project Layout App for iPad

MyOptex is a project layout application utilizing the detection patterns of Optex security sensors and the ability to place them on a satellite image of a job site. MyOptex allows users to take their services outside of the office and onto the job site, drastically reducing the usual turnaround time for a custom layout.

With a simple interactive menu that includes all of Optex’s outdoor photobeams and passive infrared detectors, you can drag and drop to-scale detection patterns onto a satellite image of the job site. Along with Optex sales representatives, a dealer can help an end user visualize exactly what on his property Optex sensors will be protecting.

The resulting layout can be emailed and printed out in a matter of minutes, along with an invoiced product list and quote based on what sensors were used. Read more »


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