Deals of the Week: 20% Off Skylink Household Alerts

DealsOfTheWeekSmallHome Controls is offering 20% Off the very robust and easy-to-install Skylink Household Alert Sensor system. This limited-time offer is only valid for one week and expires Sunday, Feb. 3, 2013.

  • Use Promo Code WEEK5 During Checkout

SkylinkSkylink Household Alert Sensors: The Skylink Household Alert provides motion, door, garage and flood detection and monitoring for simple surveillance of your home. When any sensor is activated, it signals the receiver to alert you, helping you keep your home safe and secure.

When set to Alert, these products provide audio and visual indications. When set to Alarm, an alarm sounds when the sensors are triggered. A special supervised feature monitors the sensors and their battery condition.

Choose from motion detectors, door/window sensors, garage door sensors and even water/flood detectors!

  • Household Alert: Ideal for small- to medium-sized homes, the standard system works with up to 4 sensors, and has an operating range of 300′.
  • Household Alert, Long Range: Ideal for medium- to larger-sized homes, the long-range system works with up to 16 sensors, and has an operating range of 800′.

Know When Your Garage Door Opens – Automatically!

SkylinkHome Controls has just added the complete line of Household Alert products from Skylink, including this snazzy kit. Designed for larger homes, the Skylink Long Range Household Alert Garage Alert Set monitors your garage door to keep you safe and secure. Long range functionality allows the sensor to signal the receiver from long distances (downstairs garage door sensor to upstairs bedroom receiver, for example). When the monitored garage door is opened, the receiver alerts you by flashing and either beeping or sounding the alarm.

  • Notifies you when a garage door is open
  • Operating range up to 800 feet
  • Both audio and visual indicators
  • Supervised: automatically monitors the sensor and its battery condition
  • Receiver supports up to 16 sensors (additional sensors sold separately)

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