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Home Health

People have a desire to remain independent in their own homes. A bit of technology from Home Health Tech can provide a safer and healthier environment. Independent Living means improved convenience for you or a loved one with special needs – such as the elderly, individuals with specific challenges or impairments, and those living with disabilities. Home Health Tech provides digital health systems, covering safety and security, personal health, communication, cognition and more.

ZipaTile: All-In-One Smart Home Hub

May 26, 2017

Now you can put a large variety of smart home functions into your home in a very simple, all inclusive and inexpensive way. To this end, the Zipato ZipaTile is a great solution! The Zipato ZipaTile is more than just a smart home hub. It’s a complete, all-in-one smart home controller that can easily replace other home devices such as a security » Read More

Stay Connected With Mom & Dad With Presto

May 6, 2015

Is your mom or dad missing out on communication from you and other family and friends because they don’t use a computer or the Internet? The Presto Printing Mailbox is your solution. By using Presto in their home, you make it easy for your whole family to send them emails, digital photos, calendar reminders, documents, and more. » Read More

Monitor Pain Medication with MedReady Pill Dispenser

August 22, 2014

MedReady has added a new model to their already-impressive line of medication dispenser – this one specifically for people living with chronic pain. Patients who take “as needed” or “pro re nata” (PRN) medication can maintain safe dosing intervals more easily with the MedReady 1700 Medication Dispenser for PRN Dosing. » Read More

SafeKey GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit Receives Top Review

June 11, 2014

“I have installed this GPS on my daughters car and the tracking allows me to have the comfort of knowing when she gets to school and arrives at home after school. I simply get a text message when this happens and that is a great thing. I can also find out when she is driving faster than we agreed to help keep her safe.” – Mike, Home » Read More

Introducing the TV Ears 5.0 Product Line

December 16, 2013

Home Controls is excited to announce the release of the updated TV Ears 5.0 television listing system. This new product line presents a few new features, such as improved styling, better batteries, a new ear tip design, and more compatibility with your existing home audio systems. TV Ears has kept the system simple to use while upgrading the » Read More

Hear The Difference With Bellman Domino Pro

May 17, 2013

Even with hearing aids, there are situations in life when it can be particularly difficult to distinguish speech. This is common in busy environments such as schools, work places and public areas like for instance shopping malls. The Domino listening system from Bellman & Symfon will help you to hear better in these situations, where hearing » Read More