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How to Add Z-Wave to a Traditional Security Control Panel

If you have a traditional home security or automation control panel, you can easily enable Z-Wave compatibility by adding three basic products, all available through Home Controls. Once you make these additions to your system, you’ll be able to add a huge variety of Z-Wave devices to your system, access your system through the Internet on your mobile device or PC, and expand the system as you wish.

Parts Needed:

The Z-Wave hub will serve as your secondary system controller to enable wireless communication with Z-Wave devices and to connect your system to the Internet. The VeraEdge Z-Wave hub is recommended due to its ease of use and its wide compatibility with most Z-Wave devices.

How the Setup Works
The Z-Wave hub wirelessly connects to your traditional system through the Z-Wave MIMOlite Interface Module and the DC Relay Module, which both will be located at the traditional control panel. The DC Relay Module wires into both your control panel and the Z-Wave MIMOlite Interface Module. The Interface Module wirelessly communicates with the Z-Wave hub up to 50 feet away indoors, allowing the traditional control panel and any Z-Wave devices paired with the Z-Wave hub to talk back and forth with each other.


What You Can Do With Your Z-Wave Enabled System
Your traditional control panel and your Z-Wave hub will now be able to send and receive signals to/from each other, so you could, for example, set off a hardwired siren within your existing system by triggering a wireless Z-Wave security sensor. Or you could trigger a wireless Z-Wave siren to go off by tripping an existing hardwired sensor.

Other possible applications include:

  • Check on the status of any sensor over the Internet
  • Arm/disarm your system with your smartphone
  • Receive mobile alerts when your system is triggered
  • Turn your security-only system into a security and automation system

IMPORTANT NOTES: The MIMOlite Interface Module is not the only Z-Wave device currently available that offers input/output functionality. FortrezZ introduced the MIMO2+, which is essentially two MIMOlites in one.

Several other Z-Wave hubs are available to choose from if you prefer a hub other than the VeraEdge. The advanced VeraPlus, for example, would not only allow you to add Z-Wave to your system, but also Zigbee and Bluetooth LE. Leviton’s Smartthings bundle is a lso a viable  alternative. Additional Z-Wave hub options include the Zipato Zipabox, the Nexia Bridge, the Fibaro Home Center 2 (sold to authorized dealers only), or almost any HomeSeer controller (USB interfaces not applicable).

Finally, although Home Controls highly recommends using the ELK 912 as the required DC Relay Module, you may be able to use an alternative if you’re tech savvy enough to find a comparable part.

If you’re interested in adding Z-Wave to your traditional security panel, Home Controls can help. Just call our toll free number at 800-266-8765 (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific, Monday – Friday). We’ll be more than happy to offer you free support and assist you with product advice and system designs.

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3 Comments on How to Add Z-Wave to a Traditional Security Control Panel

  1. Does this setup work with a DSC Impassa alarm system?

  2. HCI Tech Support // April 24, 2017 at 11:11 am // Reply

    Yes, it can work with the DSC Impassa alarm system. Program I/O #1 (Zone 33) as a maintained keyswitch input and IO #2 as PGM (programable Out # 2). When connected to the Fortrezz MIMO Lite’s input and output terminals, you’d be able to arm and disarm the DSC panel as well as get notification when the system goes into an alarm state.

    Since the DSC Impassa is primarily a wireless alarm panel, you’re limited to 2 wired connection (I/O 1 and 2).

  3. I have a Smartthings hub and a few motion sensors reporting to it.
    I wanted a system that would allow me to trigger an alarm on my DSC system if one of the armed motion sensors were triggered.
    I can setup a smartthings routine to “send a zwave signal” to some device if motion is detected, so that it can trigger the DSC alarm and warn my monitoring company.
    Will the MIMOLite module + ELK relay that you sell, serve this purpose of communication that signal to my alarm?

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