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Smart Gift Ideas: For The Smart Installer

Christmas Gift Ideas

Smart Home Gift Guide

Finding gift for a tech savvy friend is easy with Home Controls Gift Ideas. If you have a friend that installs home automation, it’s just as easy to find something special to put under their tree!

Avana LED Pen Light

Avana LED Pen LightGreat Stocking Stuffer! Designed as a convenient, pocket-sized industrial work light, the Avana LED Pen Light provides bright white light whenever you need it. Perfect for illuminating your workspace or dark environments. The penlight has six SMD LEDs along the side which create a wide viewing angle, perfect for quickly illuminating a small work area.

  • 6 wide-angle LEDs on side
  • 1 focused LED on head
  • Clip with strong magnet
  • Operates on standard batteries

In addition to wide angle LEDs, the pen light features one standard LED on its head for use as a more focused flashlight. The lightweight LED Pen Light also has a clip on the side with a strong magnet, allowing you to store the pen in an easy access location. The LED Pen Light is powered by three AAA batteries (included).

PRO-Strike Punchdown Tool

Platinum Tools PRO-Strike Punchdown ToolNEW! Telecom and datacom installations will always pass certification when they use the Platinum Tools PRO-Strike Punchdown Tool (with 66/110 Combo blade). The tool combines an ergonomic non-slip handle with advanced functionality to provide precise, reliable terminations every time you use it. This model comes pre-packaged with an interchangeable combo cutting blade for 66 and 110 cross-connect blocks and wall jack modules. Additional blades can be purchased separately to terminate 630, Krone and BIX.

Big Red BR1 Multi-Stripper

Big Red BR1 Multi-StripperLess Than $12! The Platinum Tools BR1 “Big Red” Multi-Stripper is an all-in-one stripping and cutting tool for most cable types and sizes used in networking. One side of features an adjustable stripper for twisted pair and audio cables. The other side has cutters for both cable and wire conductors. Combined, they make voice, data and video cabling a Big Red snap! The stripper side features a removable cassette that easily snaps in and out for rotation. One cassette side strips RG6 and RG59 cables, while the other side strips RG11, RG7 and larger cables. Velcro conveniently sits right below the cassette slot for folding the cable braid back over the jacket of coax cable.

Platinum Tools EZ-RJ45 Crimp Tool

Platinum Tools EZ-RJ45 Crimp ToolOne of our most popular tools! This high quality ratcheting crimp tool quickly crimps and cuts the wires of the EZRJ45 Connector… in one easy simple operation! The EZ-RJ45 Crimp Tool will also work on most other RJ-11, RJ-12 and RJ-45 connectors (excluding AMP). This tool is manufactured from high-strength tool steel and includes a convenient wire cutter and stripper in the handle.

There are many, many more products in the Home Controls Christmas Gift Ideas section, from simple stocking stuffers to that big present that is sure to wow! Merry Christmas!

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