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Zipato Presents a New Compact Home Automation Controller: Zipamini

Smart Home Automation

Zipato Zipamini Z-Wave Home Automation ControllerZipato’s latest home controller, the Zipamini, packs the power of the original Zipabox into a smaller control hub. Circumventing the modular setup of the Zipabox, Zipamini is the cost-effective alternative for DIY installers, saving on both space and price.

Zipamini uses next-generation technology to communicate with your home electronics, either wirelessly or via power lines and BUS wires. It can plug into any outlet in the home and automatically talk to your devices, letting you control them using tablets, smartphones, computers or TVs, at home or on the go. The Zipamini supports a variety of communication protocols including Z-Wave, ONVIF, IP and UPnP, allowing for easy integration with systems you already own.

With the Zipamini Home Automation Controller, remote control can be added to almost any electronic or appliance in your home, such as thermostats, lighting, irrigation, security, surveillance, audio and video, and more! Devices can be controlled individually or grouped together in scenes. You can control them manually through your smartphone or computer, and you can set schedules and triggers that will automatically change settings at set times or upon certain trigger events.

Also Available: The Zipato Z-Wave Home Monitoring Kit includes Zipamini, Zipato IP Camera, Zipato Multisensor Quad, Power Adapter and Free 24/7 Monitoring Service.

Zipato’s online web portal is where most of your interaction with the system will take place. This secure access point offers immense customization options for your home and electronic devices. A simple drag and drop interface makes setup easy for all users.

The main feature of Zipato’s web portal is its Rule Creator, which allows you to set up automatic interactions between devices based on scheduled actions and triggers. For example, when you lock the doors as you leave home, your cameras and motion sensors can automatically turn on, and if enough time passes before you return, your lights or TV can turn on to give the illusion that someone is at home.

Zipamini gives you quick, simple control through your smartphone, while more advanced settings can be accessed through a web browser. For an additional charge, the Zipamini can also send you alerts while you’re away if a device is activated, a sensor is tripped, or a door is opened, for example. You can check the status of your systems and receive alerts as texts, emails, or voice messages.

Zipato’s newest home automation controller is a powerful tool that provides an amazing range of control over multiple systems. With an intuitive interface, plentiful advanced settings, and reliable compatibility, the Zipamini Home Automation Controller is perfect for both beginner and veteran smart home automation users. Purchase yours at Home Controls!

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