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Stay Connected With Mom & Dad With Presto

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Is your mom or dad missing out on communication from you and other family and friends because they don’t use a computer or the Internet? The Presto Printing Mailbox is your solution.

By using Presto in their home, you make it easy for your whole family to send them emails, digital photos, calendar reminders, documents, and more. They don’t need a computer or Internet service, just the Presto Mail service and Printing Mailbox. The Printing Mailbox receives messages from family and friends, and automatically prints them out for your mom or dad to enjoy!

Special Offer

Considering Presto for a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift! Home Controls is so excited about this amazing product that we are offering the Presto Printing Mailbox for only $49.99. That’s 50% off! 

  • No spam or junk mail
  • No checking email – messages are retrieved automatically
  • Receive digital photos and/or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) documents
  • Includes free articles, puzzles and games

With a Presto Printing Mailbox and low monthly service fee, your mom or dad gets a personalized, spam-free email address to share with family and friends. When they send an email, Presto automatically retrieves the message and prints it. All messages are transformed into beautifully formatted, full-color documents with the sender’s name and phone number printed at the top. Presto includes more than 30 colorful templates to turn emails and attachments (photos, PDFs, etc.) into greeting cards, calendars, and e-letters.

The Printing Mailbox accepts messages from any email program, webmail, smartphone and many cell phones (depends on carrier and plan)

  • Completely automatic: senders and receivers don’t need to learn anything new.
  • Presto Mail is retrieved and printed up to five times a day.
  • Account manager website lets family schedule messages, reminders and to-do lists for future or recurring delivery dates/times in addition to monitoring of connection, ink level, paper, incoming mail and mail delivery.
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