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SafeKey GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit Receives Top Review

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“I have installed this GPS on my daughters car and the tracking allows me to have the comfort of knowing when she gets to school and arrives at home after school. I simply get a text message when this happens and that is a great thing. I can also find out when she is driving faster than we agreed to help keep her safe.” – Mike, Home Controls customer from Woodbury, MN

SafeKey GPS Vehicle Tracking UnitConnecting families with their loved ones and employers with their employees. The SafeKey GPS Vehicle Tracking Unit allows you to monitor the location of your vehicle and receive automatic alerts when selected conditions are met.

  • Real-time tracking (time, distance interval, or intelligent mode)
  • Remote ignition immobilizer control via secure online account
  • Automatic email and text message alerts

All features are remotely accessible through, where you can log into your secure account to check vehicle locations, create geofencing parameters, review driver speeds and routes, review reports, and more.

See It Here:

  • View all vehicles associated with your account
  • Create driver profiles with unique information for each
  • See location of vehicles on a map with optional street view
  • Check vehicle’s longitude/latitude coordinates and address location
  • View route history, minute-by-minute travel log, and speed history

In addition, you have the option of setting up geofences. By specifying a route or general area for a vehicle, you can receive automatic alerts when the vehicle travels outside of your accepted route/area.

NOTE: The required monthly data package is $29.95.

Installation Options

  • Self Installation: To install the system yourself, order SafeKey without an Installation Card.
  • Professional Installation: Order the SafeKey with an Installation Card to have an expert install your system. Go online and activate the InstallCard that comes with your system, and follow the instructions to be connected with one of SafeKey’s authorized installers. There are more than 6,000 installers in 3,000 locations throughout the U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
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