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LockState Connect Gives Your WiFi Control of Your Home

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Home Controls is excited to carry the LockState Connect series of Wi-Fi products. LockState Connect is a series of lighting, security and climate control products that connect to the Internet, allowing you to control them from anywhere in the world. Control your home with a PC at work, a laptop in your hotel, or your smart phone on the road. Wherever you go, you have remote control.

All LockState Connect devices can be controlled from your LockState Connect online account. NOTE: Requires $0.99 monthly service fee.

LockState Connect LS-90i WiFi Programmable Thermostat

LockState Connect LS-90i WiFi Programmable ThermostatAutomate your entire HVAC system by connecting the LockState Connect LS-90i WiFi Programmable Thermostat. This touchscreen thermostat features advanced programming options for full control of the home environment.

And with the included WiFi Module, this thermostat is accessible from any web-enabled device (such as a computer or smartphone) from anywhere in the world. That means you can adjust heating and cooling settings anytime, whether you’re home or away. You can also receive alerts when conditions change. It’s the ideal way to monitor your home environment and stay on top of easy energy savings.

  • Internet-accessible with wireless notifications
  • Automatically switches between heating and cooling
  • Controls humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and external air baffles
  • Large touchscreen with bright white backlight

LockState RemoteLock WiFi Electronic Deadbolt Door Lock

  • LockState RemoteLock WiFi Electronic Deadbolt Door LockStore up to 250 permanent access codes
  • View lock history in your LockState Connect account
  • Illuminated keypad for easy viewing in the dark
  • Includes two standard cut keys for manual lock/unlock

In addition to remote control and text message alerts, the RemoteLock gives you the option of adding and deleting codes remotely. If you go on vacation, for example, you may want to give a neighbor a temporary entry code to check on your home. You can create a temporary code, and then delete the code when your neighbor has finished the favor – all through your online account.

Also available is the LockState RemoteLock WiFi Electronic Lever Door Lock:

LockState Connect WiFi Power Plug

  • LockState Connect WiFi Power PlugTurn a plug-in device on/off from any web-enabled device
  • Schedule the plug to turn on/off automatically
  • Check power consumption and save on your energy bill
  • Built-in surge protection preserves sensitive electronics

In addition to remote access, the power plug includes a scheduling feature that lets you program a specific time for the plug to turn on or off. A traditional on/off button also provides manual on/off control. Built-in surge protection ensures that your electronics are safe in the event of a power surge.

Also available is the LockState Connect WiFi Multi-Outlet Power Strip:

LockState Connect WiFi Pan/Tilt Camera

LockState Connect WiFi Pan/Tilt CameraRemotely monitoring your home or business is simple with the LockState Connect WiFi Pan/Tilt Camera. Because this camera connects to the Internet, you can watch real-time video and adjust the camera’s viewing angle from any location. Just pull up your online LockState Connect account from a laptop, smartphone, or any other web-enabled device.

  • Remote viewing and pan/tilt control
  • Email/text alerts upon motion detection
  • Built-in LEDs for night vision

With a built-in motion sensor, this camera can also be programmed to automatically alert you by email or text message when motion is detected. Upon detection, the camera captures a photo and sends it directly to you, so you can immediately see what is happening. The camera’s LEDs allow night vision for 24/7 surveillance.

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