New: ChannelPlus Single-Channel High Definition Video Modulator

The high-value ChannelPlus Single-Channel High Definition Video Modulator is a digitally-tuned video modulator that takes video and audio signals from a single HD source and broadcasts them over standard coax cabling to any connected HDTVs.

  • Single channel HD video modulator
  • Easy to use with single button Channel Plus programming
  • Built-in 25dB video amplifier
  • Fan-cooled for enhanced durability

This modulator takes advantage of the most commonly available and cost effective media distribution cabling for economical distribution of high definition video and audio content from media players, cable boxes, satellite TV, Blu-ray players, personal HD cameras and HD camcorders.

How It Works: The user selects the output frequency (channel) using the “program” button to enter the number of the desired channel. Any HDTV connected to the output via coax can receive the signals when the HDTV is tuned to the proper channel.


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