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NEW: Presto, Computerless Email Service!

New @ Home Health Tech

Aging in one’s own home is a highly desired goal, but one that can breed social isolation which is prevalent among older Americans. And since 62% of Americans over age 65 don’t use a computer, it’s more important than ever to find a solution that provides a rich connection between family members of all ages. By selling Presto as a home health tech solution for aging-in-place, you make it possible for whole families to communicate with elder loved ones by sending email, digital photos and documents. The seniors don’t need a computer or Internet service, just the Presto Mail service and Printing Mailbox available from Home Controls. By installing this new service it will provide a renewed link between elders and their family that can significantly improve their quality of life and ability to age-in-place.

Help relieve family stress

Many children live far away from their aging parents. Presto allows them to help from a distance, making it much easier to spread some of the responsibility for caring for Mom and Dad to other family members.

Make your business more efficient

You can also use Presto to communicate with clients. Whether you send reminders that a caregiver is coming, one of Presto’s automatically delivered crossword puzzles, or in-home instructions for one of your care providers, Presto can help make your business more efficient.

Presto is an economical solution

With an inexpensive Presto Printing Mailbox and low monthly service fee, your clients get a personalized, spam-free email address to share with family and friends. You get a service loved by tens of thousands of Presto users to help differentiate your offerings.

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2 Comments on NEW: Presto, Computerless Email Service!

  1. electrician in edinburgh // October 14, 2010 at 12:27 am // Reply

    This is a great idea for old people who would just get ripped off by the internet devils ( like my grandmother ) . It is a wee bit of a waste to the environment although , and what happens if a inappropriate mail gets through ? ?

    • The system is completely spam-proof. You program the system with a list of acceptable email addresses (from families, friends, neighbors, and the like) that your grandmother wants to receive emails. If someone that is not on that list tries to send an email, then Presto stops them! And Presto is actually better for the environment, compared to your grandmother getting a full computer system — that would include more hardware, more products, more software, more packaging, etc.

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