Directional HDMI cables

We offer HDMI cables from Structured Cable Products that have built-in repeaters. The repeater cables come in lengths of 75 and 100 foot lengths, and preserves the signal quality on long cable runs to the TV or A/V display device.  When installing this cable, you must pay attention to which end of the cable goes where.  The end labeled “OUTPUT” is connected to the display. Got that? The end labeled “OUTPUT” goes to the display. Take a look at the picture below. Nice, huh?! There it is…OUTPUT.

Unfortunately, there were zero  instructions provided with the cables in earlier shipments of the product, and there have been reports of the cable being installed backwards.  Not good. The cable won’t work if it’s installed backwards.  Home Controls has since then inserted instructions in the product boxes that states the OUTPUT end goes to the display. The manufacturer has also informed me that instructions are now being included with the cables in newer shipments, so there won’t be (or better not be!) any more issues with mis-installed cables.

There you go. Happy HDMI-ing!

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