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Troubleshooting IR Carrier Frequencies

Technical Notes

Ever run into a problem with an IR repeating system where you just can’t get it to work with your remote?

Well, the IR repeating system may be functioning properly, but it could be that the IR carrier frequency of the remote that your are using may be beyond the specifications of the IR system. The IR carrier frequency is the frequency used by the remote to transmit the control signals such as ON/OFF, volume and channel and source selection, to the audio/video device.

Typical IR carrier frequencies from a few manufacturers are listed below:

If you have a remote that doesn’t seem to work, grab another remote and see if it works with the IR repeating. In addition, consult with the remote’s instructions manual to see if the carrier frequency falls in the specified range. Unfortunately, if your remote does operate beyond the specified range, well, there’s no solution for you at this time. But at least now you know why the system isn’t working.

9 Comments on Troubleshooting IR Carrier Frequencies

  1. My issue is somewhat different. I have two DirecTV receivers; one HR23-700 and one HR22-100. I am using a Nuvo Grand Concerto to repeat the IR commands from my remotes. For some reason the HR23 works just fine while the HR22 does not. Both use the exact same IR commands, and both work correctly via direct commands from the same remote (not using Nuvo). It seems like the HR22 is more sensitive in some way, and the Nuvo repeater is varying the signal such that the HR23 still likes it but the HR22 does not. Have you seen anything like this?

  2. Hi, Ed,

    Haven’t seen anything like that. Let’s go for the obvious, if you haven’t already done so. Swap the IR emitters between the two receivers. See if the problem follows the emitter. Maybe you have a lot of adhesive gunk on the emitter that’s connected to HR22.

  3. OK…have you swapped IR ports? I’m curious if the “varying” is related to a specific IR port.

    I’ll give Nuvo a call and see if they can provide some input.

  4. I tried that as well. It makes me think that the repeated signal is slightly out of spec, and the HR22 is simply more forgiving than the HR20.

  5. In the NuVo NVI8G & NVE6G Configurator, a library file is included to control the HR21. I have heard from other installers that this code does not work consistently on the HR22. I would recommend using the NuVo Learning Station to learn and test the IR codes directly from the HR22’s remote. If the new codes you create then work with the learning station, they will work through the Grand Concerto.

    If you have any additional questions, please feel free to call any one of us at NuVo Technical Support at 859.817.7200.

  6. This isn’t making sense to me. I am using Nuvo to simply repeat whatever IR commands it is receiving. It should not matter what the library file says, correct? I am not using the Nuvo to control anything. It is simply a pass-through (I thought). As such, if I teach it these commands, I will still have the repeater (pass-through) issue. Am I missing something?

  7. When the Control Pad receives an IR signal, it modulates the signal based on the IR library file that is associated for that source. The modulated signal (not a direct IR flash) gets sent through the CAT5 cable to the MCU of the Grand Concerto. The Grand Concerto then demodulates the code and sends out the correct flash. The modulation and demodulation is based on the IR library file that is assocated for that source. For example, when source 4 is selected on the Control Pad, the IR pass through gets modulated and demodualted based on the IR library that is associated with source 4 in the Configurator. It will be modulated at the IR carrier frequency that is assigned to that source’s library file. The library file can be one issue that is creating the problem.

    Additionally, the IR emitter placement could come into play. Our emitter outputs are 12V and can overflash some IR receivers. In these cases, the IR emitter would work best when it is not directly on top of the source’s IR receiver. We can help you troubleshoot this and give some other suggestions if you call in to tech support.

    I would recommend that you call one of us in technical support when you are onside to troubleshoot. We’ll be glad to assist.

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