The Makita Drapery Opener System.. Is it as wonderful as it seems?

Hey Everyone. It’s JP from the web department here at Home Controls. I am in the process of updating descriptions for the Makita Drapery Opener System and man these things sound great! The Opener self-centers draperies and incorporates an automatic cut-off to help prevent motor over-heating. The Motors can be controlled by remote controls, timers, wall switches, and manually for convenience. You can even connect motors together for simultaneous control! Seems to me Makita thought of everything.

Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of this system? Is it really as wonderful as it seems?

5 Responses to The Makita Drapery Opener System.. Is it as wonderful as it seems?

  1. Barton Evans says:

    The home we purchased in Nov 03 has two pairs of drapes in the Master Bedroom with one IR-controlled drive one each pair and one pair of drapes in the Family Room with a rod and controller for each half. The original owners moved in back in Dec 96. These are very nice and have worked great up until today when one would not close. I took the curtains off and lowered the rod to find that the thin multi-strand wire cable which does the work had frayed and gotten all tangled up. I have removed it and tomorrow will begin to find out how “friendly” Makita is when it comes to trying to obtain repair parts. Several of the little glides seem to have lost a wheel in the process. Stay tuned.

  2. Barton Evans says:

    OK, I seem to have spoke too soon. This very outfit sells replacement wire and carriers. All I have to do now is order them, receive them, and rebuild the rod assembly. A hassle, but then, as I said, when it’s working, it works great. Just plan on repairs after 10 years.

  3. hc4u says:

    Hope everything worked out well for you. The wires used in the Makita Drapery system are fairly heavy duty and would fray only after multiple and continuous metal to metal contact. Check out the bushings/pulley at the ends of the track to ensure that they are not worn out.

  4. Kevin Conway says:

    I have the Makita remote drapery system (18 ft and RC 60 handheld) and it works fine. I cannot get the timmer to work it just blinks and blinks… The remote works fine but it would be nice to have it open and close at certain times.

    I unplugged the timer (whole unit) and waited for 2 minutes to see if it will reset – no change. I am thinking there might be a separate battery in the timer unit and it might need replacement.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  5. hc4u says:

    The timer does not have a separate battery. It is powered from the timer port of the motor. With a paper clip or pencil tip, try resetting the time while the timer is powered. Please ensure that the timer is powered at the correct port. If you need additional assistance, you can call Home Controls for free tech support – 800-266-8765.

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